Extraordinary it is…

Its my University Punjabi University Patiala

Its my university 🙂 🙂
Punjabi University, located at Patiala, is one of the premier institutions of higher education in Punjab, India. Panjabi University teaches and researches in science, engineering and technology, humanities, social sciences, performing arts and sports.

It was established on the 30 April 1962, and is only the second University in the world to be named after a language, after Hebrew University of Israel. Originally the university was conceived as a unitary multi-faculty teaching and research university, and primarily meant for the development and enrichment of Punjabi language and culture, but alive to the social and educational requirements of the state.

The university campus is spread over an area of 316 acres (1.3 km2), on the Chandigarh road, about 7 kilometers from the Patiala, the City of Gardens.

The institution has over fifty-five teaching and researchdepartments, covering disciplines in Humanities and Science, as diverse as Fine Arts, Computer Scienceand Business Management.

The Scenic beauty of our Library 🙂

The new wonderful building of our library equipped with new technology and lakhs of books.

Museum and Art Gallery of our university.

Wonderful and amazing green beauty

In joyous mood in the annual FATE – 2010

The Publication Bureau of university where all the published books in the university are kept here and for selling purpose.

Cycling ground of the university

The beautiful and full AC auditorium

Celebrating holi in the university


Complete education with the education of life….we get here…..that fills mind of the students and join their flight to the sky so far…….:):):)

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